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Telephone : 01206 825 869


Welcome to the Playquip Leisure website.

Playquip Leisure is a small independent British company with a dedicated team of experienced professionals committed to the design, construction and installation of high quality play areas.

Whilst we offer a standard range of products to suit most scenarios, our real and somewhat specialist expertise is our ability to take the dreams and aspirations of our potential clients and from that, conceive, design and deliver unique and innovative bespoke play experiences.

Please take the opportunity to visit our Design Concepts page which will show you some of our bespoke creations that have either been delivered in reality or have been conceived but have yet to find “homes”.

Back to School

Education is important for our children and so is the environment in which they learn, but when we say “Going Back to School” we’re not talking about the children… we’re talking about us adults.

Multi - Plays

We have the ability to arrange the various components shown in many different configurations to complement existing equipment.

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